Brunch, but not as you know it...

Chef Liam has cooked at some iconic venues, and now he’s coming to Blackheath!

Whatever the weatherman says, it’s summertime in London and what’s more sunny than Caribbean food? So we’re very pleased indeed to be announcing that Chef Liam Barker will be popping up at The Workers League Blackheath on the afternoon of Saturday 16th July for a live-fire Caribbean Brunch. (The American kind, starting from 1pm).

Our paths crossed with Liam’s at Meatopia 2022, and we’ve been waiting for a window in his schedule ever since. On Saturday 16th Chef Liam will be opening the batting with a refreshing Spiced Pineapple Shandy, made with smoked and fermented pineapple (non-alcoholic version also available). Then he’ll press on to a Trinidadian street food favourite, Sourdough Doubles which is a fried dough filled with a chickpea curry and served with a range of condiments, then it’s on to a sturdy Caribbean BBQ Plate which will feature a choice of Smoked Pork Ribs or Smoked Chicken, glazed with Rum & Ginger Beer BBQ Sauce and served alongside Cucumber Chow and homemade Cornbread with Fermented Hot Honey Butter. And for desert Chef is preparing Plantanos Tentacion, a Columbian delicacy involving Plantain cooked down in Coca Cola until it’s soft and sweet and then roasted in a hot oven to caramelise some of the sugars and form crispy edges, and thats served with a vanilla ice cream and ginger biscuit.

As previously mentioned, it IS summer, so we’ll be preparing the deck and outside area at TWL Blackheath for this event, and there will be a bar stocked with ice cold Two Tribes beers and a selection of wines, spirits and soft drinks to help bring a taste of the Caribbean to Blackheath Village.

Tickets are on-sale now at £39 per person. Sitting times are from 1pm to 3pm with the bar serving until 6pm. As usual places are limited.

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About the Chef

At the age of 22, I decided I wanted to be a chef in London. So I wrote and posted letters to all the Michelin-starred restaurants in London asking for a trial shift in their kitchen. I had no prior experience. I scored a trial at the newly opened Corrigan’s Mayfair known for bold British cooking.  It was the sister restaurant to the Michelin Bentleys Oyster Bar & Grill. I was put straight into a busy lunch service, and it just flowed. Before I knew it I was turning out rhubarb soufflés. I was offered a job on the spot. I learned a lot of my skills and knowledge on the job there. Whilst working in the kitchen didn’t feel like work, the hours spent working in London kitchens takes its toll mentally and physically.  After some time I left to find a better balance. So i split my time between teaching cooking classes and working at other pop ups and food festivals whilst working on my personal brand chef Liam and doing a lot of travelling and learning. After some years I’m able to really focus on the things I love. And can really enjoy the time and creative process of cooking without the pressure of having to depend on it for every penny. I have my own pop-up food concept serving up Caribbean food in both London & Stockholm. The food has heavy influences from Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and the Colombian coast. All areas that are personal to me and are just generally my favourite foods. I run my personal brand chef.liam along with my latest project ‘food education’ on youtube. Where my goal is to teach how we can all be more sustainable in our use of food. As well as bridge the gap in the education surrounding food that I feel we may not get growing up. I’m also a regular contributor to print magazines with my own recipes.

Instagram @chef.liam
Tik-Tok @chefliamfoodeducation
YouTube @chefliamfoodeducation


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